Microsoft Releases Flight Simulator “Top Gun: Maverick” Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received its next major update. This time it’s something really special – as announced, there’s now the Flight Simulator “Top Gun” DLC and with it a lot of new things to discover. It should actually start in 2021. Just in time for the repeatedly delayed start of the movie Top Gun: Maverick, Microsoft is also launching the latest expansion pack for Flight Simulator. The collaboration with the film studio Paramount Pictures brings – in addition to the new content – another special feature because the “Top Gun” DLC is free. The new package should now be visible in the Flight Simulator menu as “Maverick Activities”.

What is new?

The expansion adds a Maverick Edition livery for the F/A-18E Super Hornet to the simulator. In addition, three training missions and five new challenges will start with this Hornet. A real highlight is also a newly added hypersonic plane, which has never been seen before and takes it up to Mach 10. There is also a mission where you dive into the stratosphere. More information is available in the Flight Simulator news blog

The Flight Simulator team said:

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft Flight Simulator today released the highly anticipated Top Gun: Maverick expansion. Develop the necessary skills and navigate the complex situations faced by real Top Gun pilots in authentic locations, including the most difficult landing – on an aircraft carrier. This offering will push your flying skills to the limit – and beyond.”

After this long-awaited update, the so-called world updates will soon continue. The ninth World Update was published a few days ago. The focus was on the regions of Italy and Malta. These updates are also available for free. The Microsoft Flight Simulator has clearly dominated its niche since its release in 2020. But that’s no reason for Microsoft to rest on its laurels. Development continues and as you can see with this update, current trends are also included.