Microsoft Provides Instructions To Install Linux

Even though the last decade has brought changes: Microsoft has not always been kind to open source. In this respect, a new support page from the group may well come as a surprise. On it, the Windows makers describe how to install Linux.

Microsoft’s new support: How to install Linux

Both Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer had few good words to say about open source projects in their roles as CEO of Microsoft. Around 2010 and under the leadership of Satya Nadella, the company would make a turnaround. Microsoft acquired GitHub, the largest infrastructure host for open-source projects, made parts of its code public, and invested in the development of Linux.

But now there is a further step towards the open source community, which is probably causing disbelieving and even amused reactions from some observers. As The Register has discovered, a new article has recently appeared on Microsoft’s support page: “How to download and install Linux.”The company can be said to be a very successful guide.

At least once again you can raise your eyebrows in surprise at the completely unbiased words that Microsoft has to say about the free alternative to Windows: “Linux is an operating system, similar to Windows, but with many different versions because it is open source and completely customizable.”

Microsoft puts method selection at the beginning of its instructions. Beginners are recommended to use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) because it promises quick access to a functioning installation. For users in corporate environments, it is recommended to run Linux as a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud.

Last but not least, the installation of the system itself is described, which, according to Microsoft, involves a “slightly more complicated installation process”. The article “How to download and install Linux” is currently only available in English.

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