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Microsoft Patents New Technology To Evaluate Meeting Score Using Various Gestures

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In addition to the recently launched Productivity Score function, a new technology patent indicates that Microsoft plans to add another indicator for employees, thereby turning multiple employees from a human into a productivity unit. The “Meeting Insight Computing System ” is described in this patent, which uses cameras, sensors, software tools, and post-meeting surveys to create a “Quality Score” for the meeting.

The camera will record the body language, facial expressions, and the number of people in the room, and report the “contribution of participants to the meeting” and other tasks (such as sending text messages, checking emails, and web browsing, etc.). The “Meeting Insight Computing System” will then use this information to generate insights, such as who is invited to the next meeting, or recommend other locations and times.

The patent statement pointed out: “Many organizations have problems such as too long meeting time and low attendance rate. If more information about the quality of the meeting is available, these meetings can be modified and/or avoided.” The system will be suitable for face-to-face and virtual meetings. It is not clear whether Microsoft will launch the system, but given that Microsoft has launched its personal productivity score, it seems very likely.

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