Microsoft Outlook Web Will Have Integrated Grammar and Spell Check Soon

Outlook on the web will soon have the ability to check email for the correct spelling. According to the roadmap, Microsoft will start releasing the feature in December, which is already available for Outlook applications on smartphones and PCs.

Microsoft has announced another upcoming feature for its email client on the web. The Microsoft Outlook web client will soon receive an extensive editor correction function. This is reported by the online magazine Neowin, referring to the updated roadmap of Outlook on the web. It says now:

In development

“Outlook on the web can now check your text in up to three languages ​​at the same time. Users must select which languages ​​to add in the editor settings.”

The editor proofing feature checks for spelling and grammatical errors when composing an email in the Outlook web client. This feature is already offered by Outlook on other major platforms but was only added to Outlook on the web roadmap on October 20. General availability is quoted as December 2022.

Marked suggestions

Currently, Outlook on macOS and Windows indicates spelling and grammatical errors by underlining them with a squiggly red line and a blue double line, respectively. If you then click on the line with the right mouse button, possible correction suggestions are displayed. This allows you to either accept or ignore the suggestions. Most likely this will work in Outlook Web as well.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap page, the editor proofing feature can simultaneously check text in up to three languages, which can be selected in the editor settings. However, Microsoft said nothing about which languages ​​will be available to choose from at launch.