Microsoft Outlook For Mac To Support Self-Hosted Exchange Servers

Microsoft is now working on offering Mac users the option to use Outlook in conjunction with self-hosted Exchange servers in the future. According to the roadmap for Microsoft 365, the starting signal for this will come in the second quarter of 2024.

Run and Manage The Exchange By Yourself

This emerges from a new entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which is available to everyone online. Microsoft regularly publishes information there about the latest updates to productivity applications and intelligent cloud services – including the announcement of the upcoming option.

Accordingly, the new function for Outlook will be presented to all Mac users in June 2024 at the latest, but the test will start shortly.

The announcement states that “Outlook for Mac will support accounts for Microsoft Exchange on-premises Server.” This announcement comes before the company has confirmed this option for the new Outlook for Windows – currently, you cannot use your own Exchange server with either of these two solutions but must use Microsoft 365 with Exchange Online.

Microsoft launched the new Outlook for the Mac in the spring. The application can be used for free, but from the user’s perspective, there are still many “missing” functions. A frequently mentioned point of criticism was the lack of connection to a self-hosted Exchange server. The fact that Microsoft is now addressing this criticism is good, as long as it takes its time.

User tests in the Insider program

The Feature ID for this addition is 182252 and it was officially added to the roadmap on October 16, 2023. Anyone interested in the change can use the ID to stay up to date. This feature is being integrated into Outlook for Mac. The launch is planned for June 2024, with a preview expected to be available from January 2024.

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