Microsoft now displays notification badges on its widgets

Windows 11 Build 25158 is now rolling out to testers in the Dev channel and it comes with many improvements such as widget notification badge support.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 Insider Preview (Build 25158), now available on the Dev Channel, will bring back some old taskbar features that some might appreciate, while new badges for widgets. Notification badges can act as a warning or warning for various widgets, such as the weather, and you indicate the number of notifications pending consultation.

As you can see in the screenshot above, you can click the notification badge to open the widget table. A new banner at the top of the table provides more information about what triggered the notification badge. Of course, you can disable the feature or remove the widget icon from the taskbar.

What other changes will the new build of Windows 11 bring?

In addition to badges for widgets, Microsoft is currently testing three different visual changes for the taskbar. One uses the usual search icon, while two others have a small or large search bar in the taskbar. Microsoft wants to get feedback from its insiders on these changes before they roll out more widely. Unfortunately for those hoping to change the taskbar location, Microsoft has officially announced that it will remain at the bottom.

Windows 11 Build 25158 also allows Enable DNS over TLS – a new protocol in addition to DNS over HTTPS (DoH) already included in the operating system. DNS over TLS is not a feature that requires advanced steps and can only be enabled through the command line. Other than that, Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel can also start testing a new Camera app for Windows 11. The design has been updated to match Windows 11 and now includes QR and barcode scanning support.