Microsoft Launches Windows 365 Frontline Cheap Cloud PC

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 365 Frontline, an additional offering of their cloud PC service introduced in 2021, with a specific focus on certain use cases. After previously announcing and testing Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs, Microsoft has now made the service available for customers to book.

In a blog post on the Techcommunity platform, Microsoft provides an overview of the current capabilities of Windows 365 Frontline and outlines upcoming features.

Targeted Application Windows 365 Frontline is designed for businesses where employees primarily perform minimal tasks on their PCs or don’t require dedicated PCs, such as in the retail or healthcare sectors. Unlike Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs, Windows 365 Frontline Cloud PCs are automatically powered off when not in use. Employees are required to save their work at the end of their shift and then disconnect or log off.

Affordable and Flexible For businesses, Windows 365 Frontline is more cost-effective compared to standard Windows 365 licenses. Customers only pay for Windows in the cloud when Frontline is active. A flat rate of ten licenses is required, providing as many simultaneous accesses as needed.

When an employee logs in, the Frontline Cloud PC is activated and one license is utilized for the duration of their work. Upon logging out, the shared license is returned to the license pool, and the cloud PC is powered off. Microsoft has plans to introduce new features to Windows 365 Frontline, including capabilities for IT administrators, such as automatic email notifications when cloud PCs approach the maximum number of concurrent users. Additionally, management tasks will be simplified, allowing administrators to control the activation and deactivation of cloud PCs.

Microsoft has also created an information page dedicated to the new service, where they highlight the advantages of this cloud-based solution.