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Microsoft Fixed Critical Vulnerabilities In Surface Go, Laptop 1 and 2

Surface Go

Microsoft has released new updates for owners of the Surface Go, Surface Laptop 1 and 2 series. The new firmware brings a number of bug fixes and important security updates and is therefore recommended for all users.

Microsoft has released a number of new drivers for the first-generation Surface Go. There are also new updates for the Surface Laptop 1 and 2 series. The list of available new drivers is long and ranges from a UEFI firmware update, which is supposed to improve general stability, to an Intel security update, which is supposed to close a vulnerability. There is currently very little information about the exact content of the changes and the background to the security updates. According to the published release notes, critical security leaks will be fixed in any case. We are not yet aware of any problems with the updates, Microsoft writes in the associated support document for the Surface Go.

June updates start

The June updates are available for all Surface Go devices starting with Windows 10 May 2019 Update, version 1903, or later. Surface Go and Surface Go LTE are addressed. There are only a handful of new updates for the Surface Laptop 1, all information can be found on the support page. The same applies to the Surface Laptop 2. The updates are recommended to all users and are available via the Windows update function. These updates are not yet available in the Microsoft download center. So users have to be patient if they prefer to update manually.

This is especially true for all those who want to wait and see whether problems arise with the new versions. These updates are available:

Surface Go versions and updates

  • Surface System – 6.304.139.0
  • Intel – Software Component – 1.62.321.1
  • Intel – System – 2102.100.0.1044
  • Surface – firmware – 13.0.1763.5
  • Intel – Net –
  • Intel – Bluetooth –
  • Surface – Human Interface Devices –
  • Surface system –
  • Surface – firmware –

Surface Laptop 1 and 2 Versions And Updates

  • Surface – Firmware –
  • Intel – System – 2102.100.0.1044
  • Surface system –
  • Surface – Firmware – 138.3732.768.0

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