Microsoft Ends Support For The Very First Surface Go LTE

Surface Go

While there were new references to the fourth-generation Microsoft Surface Go in the rumor mill in the summer of this year, the group is now preparing to push the first Surface Go onto the relegation track.

Support for the small tablet computer that came out four years ago has recently ended. Microsoft is already reminding users of this.

The first Surface Go with LTE Advanced, which was presented in November 2018, is no longer in the support period. With the end of support, the devices can still be used, but are no longer as well protected as they were during the active support phase.

More than 4 years

Microsoft no longer provides firmware and driver updates for its entry-level first-generation Surface. This is interesting because some Surface devices have received support for significantly longer than the four years originally announced. This is probably also due to how many devices have been sold and are still in use – Microsoft seems to be quite flexible.

The company traditionally offers four years of active support for each Surface device, starting when a device goes on sale. The next Surface computer to reach end-of-life will then be the second-generation Surface Laptop – Microsoft will stop supporting it on December 27, 2022. Incidentally, Windows updates are separate from firmware updates. That means a Surface Go with LTE can still receive operating system updates, patches, and new features.

You can get information about the support status of a Surface device from Microsoft on a special help page.