Microsoft Edge Spying On Google Chrome Browser Activities

Chrome Edge

Users who use both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, or who have used the import feature from Chrome to Edge, should stop constantly importing browser data. According to a report, Edge otherwise spies on Chrome browsing activities.

Microsoft Spy On Chrome

“One web browser spying on the other? Surely not! However, if you use both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, Microsoft’s browser could retrieve your entire browser history from Chrome every time you launch it,” writes the magazine Betanews, pointing out This points to a little-known feature of Edge.

It basically doesn’t matter which browser you switched to Edge from – as soon as the option to import the browser history, saved passwords, etc. was selected, Edge may still have access to the web browser data created later.

This cross-browser communication for an indefinite period of time should be better stopped for data protection reasons. That’s why Betanews has now passed on a tip from RAWinfopages on how you can do this, or rather how you can first check whether an exchange is taking place.

So you have to know that a recent update to Edge gave the browser the ability to copy data in the background of Chrome every time it is opened. RAWinfopages had discovered that Edge had opened a tab in addition to the normal homepage since the update. The tab contains the last page that was opened in Chrome.

To stop this sharing, you have to go to Edge’s settings.

Select Edge setting

  • To do this, go to edge://settings/profiles and go to “Import browser data”.
  • Find the option “Import browser data every time you start the browser” and click the “Edit settings” button.
  • Select Power Off to disable all syncs, or use the toggle switches to disable individual options.

This way you can also check whether the import function has even been activated on the PC.

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