Microsoft Edge Gets New Fluent Based Icons

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Since the launch of the new Chromium-based version of its browser, Microsoft has been regularly publishing updates that add new features or make other small to large adjustments. Now there is a little visual refresh, namely fluent icons.

Fluent is known to be the new design language introduced by Microsoft a few years ago. This was introduced as part of Windows 10, but will also be extended to other products from the Redmond company. This process is still not finished, because the conversion or change is still going on.

Now it is the turn of Microsoft Edge, of course, that only affects the new Chromium-based version. An update is now being distributed for the dev channel, which on the one hand offers new handwriting functions for PDFs and on the other hand carries out a fluent refresh. The Redmond group explains the changes in a blog post also reported by Windows Central.

Rounder thing

There Irina Litvin, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Edge, writes that the first of many visual updates planned for Edge is now being published. Initially, Microsoft will focus on “our core system iconography, which has not been updated since the days of our second Microsoft Design Language (MDL2) around 2014”. In concrete terms, this means rounder corners, as you can see for example in the “New Tab” section. Microsoft hopes that the symbols revised in the direction of Fluent will result in “functional optimizations for the user experience since each symbol is based on a standard keyline and a standard grid”. 

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According to Microsoft, this will improve the “searchability when scrolling through the menus and navigation”. “We are also seeing an optimized cross-platform and cross-device display so that the symbols appear sharp and easy to read regardless of which device you are surfing the web with.”

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