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Microsoft Corporation to Explore Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Microsoft Corporation

Bill Gates has said that his Multinational technology firm—Microsoft Corporation could search for the investment opportunities in Pakistan.

He expressed his willingness in a letter that was delivered to the Prime Minister—Imran Khan by Dr Christopher Elias—President of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Development Division on Tuesday in a meeting.

Dr Elias said that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation would keep on investing in Pakistan for the removal of poliovirus and for the improvement of the healthcare system.

The prime minister said that Pakistan would continue to tackle the issue of polio eradication as a national public health emergency.

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He also said that polio vaccination activities are properly managed and organized in close collaboration with the provinces and are directly supervised by the national, divisional and provincial task forces.

Imran Khan welcome the WHO director general and his delegation to Pakistan and said that the government is focused on implementing a transformative social and economic agenda for a “New Pakistan”.

The prime minister expressed his hope that the WHO would keep on working as a reliable partner in efforts for improving the healthcare system for everyone in Pakistan.

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