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Microsoft and LMKT to establish AppFactory in Pakistan

Pakistan’s technology company joins hand with Microsoft in order to build first AppFactory (Apprenticeship Factory) in Pakistan which will recruit up to 60 apprentices every year and place them with senior software engineers to work on real-world projects.

One of its kind the new AppFactory will encourage young workers and entrepreneurs to come to the frontline of the IT sector and develop their digital, coding and employability skills in ICT graduates.

The new LMKT SPARK programme will let graduates apply for apprenticeships in the AppFactory, a cycle of 30 apprentices recruitment every six months will be conducted in this programme, the graduates would be able to develop skills related to modern software solutions and they will have access to jobs through Microsoft Partner Network and LMKT.

According to the Pakistan National Human Development Report 2017, Pakistan has the largest pool of young people currently as compared to previous years in history. Pakistan needs as strong inclusion from young people through quality education, engagement, employment, and career development. Young generation would take Pakistan’s economic development to the next level.

Microsoft first started AppFactory model in 2013 in Africa, it later expanded to 11 different African countries and now 1400 young apprentices have graduated from 17 different AppFactories, and 85 percent of these graduates have secured the job within first three months of graduation and some of them started their own businesses.

The new programme will also pave the way of startups and entrepreneurship in the country which is one of the greatest needs in Pakistan digital landscape.

Microsoft only provides blueprint and tools for the programme to be initiated effectively but it is entirely managed and run by local partners like LMKT. Additional to developing digital skills, LMKT SPARK programme will also be providing a local research & development (R&D) lab for enterprises, entrepreneurs, small-to-medium enterprises and government, Pakistan Today reported.

“Investing in human capital and R&D plays a substantial role in driving economic growth and competitiveness, by nurturing innovation, invention, and knowledge,” said IRM Vice President Meer Anwar at LMKT.