Microsoft Allows Access To Bing With ChatGPT-4 Without Waiting List

Microsoft seems to be relaxing access to the new Bing and chatbot. Although there is still talk of a waiting list for the OpenAI ChatGPT-4 based search engine, interested parties can expect immediate activation.

The update to OpenAI’s GPT 4 module sparked a new hype surrounding the chatbot. While the company behind artificial intelligence currently only grants paid access to the improvements, the doors at Microsoft are currently wide open. Even the still displayed waiting list for the use of GPT-4 within Bing and the Edge browser only seems to exist pro forma.

The last hurdles have been removed only temporarily?

Windows Central reports that the activation for the new Bing takes place immediately after clicking on the registration for the “waiting list”. We were also able to register for the new Bing with a new Microsoft account and start using the GPT-4 chatbot with just one click. It remains unclear whether the contingent for immediate activation is limited or whether Microsoft will say goodbye to the waiting list entirely.

Just yesterday, the Redmond company confirmed that their customized Prometheus AI has been based on the new GPT-4 or a pre-release for several weeks. The improved OpenAI module promises interaction with significantly more complex queries and simultaneous minimization of the so-called AI hallucinations. The update is also interesting because, in addition to text, images can now also be included in requests, at least after a gradual activation.

The future of work with AI” Clarify on March 16 (today). From 5 p.m. Microsoft will talk, among other things, about the use of artificial intelligence in connection with its Office programs Word, Excel, and Outlook.