Microsoft Again the Second Most Valuable Firm


Earlier, Microsoft lost its status of enjoying being the second most valuable company to Amazon. Now, the firm has regained its lost position of being the second most valuable firm.

The news came after Microsoft posted a good quarterly report. The main reason of the good profits is the cloud computing business. On the other hand, Amazon has lost $65 billion.

The most valuable firm is Apple so far, enjoying the topmost status with more than one trillion dollars in value. Microsoft is now at the second position valued at $823 billion. The Amazon is at the $805 billion market value.

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Amazon lost its position owing to the fall in its quarterly earnings. We will have to see that what would Amazon now do to regain its lost position.

Microsoft is on a continuous basis engaged in improving its services. It announced new Visual Search Features for Bing on Android and iOS. For the people who don’t know the Visual Search Feature for Bing, this feature permits the Bing users to search, shop and learn more about the world via the photos they take or image they see. It seems that Microsoft is adding more options to it. These new features would be encompassing the improvements to the Visual search dialog box, Text transcription and Math Solver.

Microsoft is an American multinational firm, having headquarters in Redmond—Washington. It performs a variety of tasks including selling and support to computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, developing, manufacturing and licensing and other related services. It was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975.

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