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Michelle Obama to Debut as a Podcaster from this Month


Michelle Obama is going to debut as a podcaster on Spotify from this month. Her show aims to help all her listeners to open up with their loved ones.

The first episode of her podcast releases on the 29th of July and will be fully available for all Spotify and premium users.

Earlier, she wrote on her Instagram that in the first season she will be talking to closest people of her life that includes her mother, brother, colleagues, friends, and many others. In each episode, both the gust and Michelle will be discussing the relationships that made them who they are today.

According to Michelle, these discussions are going to add meaning in everyone’s lives especially in such crucial times when everybody is going through this coronavirus pandemic and some of the people are seeking overdue justices in this community.

Her podcast which is named The Michelle Obama Podcast is the first one to stream from Spotify which has a partnership with Higher Ground Obama’s Production Company.

Streaming Platform Spotify has spent over $600 million in order to set itself in the podcasting market.

Michelle Obama wife of Former US President Barack Obama is one of the most popular figures of America.

She wrote a memoir named Becoming which made her a public sensation. 11.5 million copies were sold of that memoir globally.

Obama’s Production Company Higher Ground productions are also collaborating with Netflix in making a documentary based on Michelle’s book and also on the Oscar-winning documentary American Factory, which is going to portray the story of a manufacturing plant in the USA reopened by a Chinese billionaire.  

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