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Michael Jackson Might Also Have Predicted the Coronavirus

Just like Bill Gates and Disney’s Tangled, Michael Jackson the king of pop also predicted a flu-like pandemic virus that will occur and spread all over the globe.

Britt Matt Fiddes Michael Jackson’s bodyguard recently claimed that the pop king knew and predicted a global pandemic like coronavirus and so he used to wear a facemask to keep him protected.

Matt the bodyguard stayed with Jackson for a decade. He said that when Jackson was travelling all over the globe he apprehend a possible threat of the virus-like the coronavirus to spread, so he used to take precautionary measures to protect himself from the pandemic.

Matt said that Michael Jackson always knew that there will be a natural disaster that will wipe out mankind anytime. Due to this fear he used to travel 4 countries in a single and spend more and more time with people on an airplane.

The 41-year-old bodyguard jokingly told the people that he once asked the pop king to remove the mask as he used to get embarrassed for being pictured with Michael Jackson as he keeps on a mask every time.  But Jackson used to say that he doesn’t want to fell ill, he can’t let his fans down. He used to say that he is on this earth for a reason and hence he’s got to stay healthy.

Matt also said that if today he would have been alive he would have been upset and frustrated.

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