Mezan Bank Regarded As Best Islamic Bank Of The Year

Financial Times London has recognized Meezan Bank as the best Islamic bank in Pakistan for the year 2017.

Meezan bank has demonstrated excellence and provided viable financial solutions to the customers by fueling initiatives with remarkable achievement in the industry. Meezan Bank’s efforts have been recognized due to its financial inclusion strategy, cost effective management, product and service innovation in the recent years.

The bank started various initiatives which played a significant role in building and accelerating Pakistan’s economy, this factor contributed much in recognition as the best Islamic Bank of the year 2017.

Meezan Bank has also played a vital role in reshaping stock market with its remarkable initiatives, the bank has participated in the number of syndicated lending deals that strengthen the Islamic finance profile in Pakistan over the period.

Meezan bank uplifted the Pakistan’s capital markets significantly with its expertise in Shariah-compliant finance, providing services in Pakistan Stock Exchange two Islamic Indices. Karachi Meezan Islamic 30 Index and All share Islamic Index were the two indices launched with the bank’s assistance and it is the only lender in Pakistan which provides re-composition services.

Meezan bank said, “The banker’s recognition manifests our continuous improvement and commitment to excellence in Islamic banking of Pakistan.”

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