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Metro Bus Routes and Timings now on Google Map

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There was a time when road signs were used to guide us to our destination. Now they have been replaced by Google Maps. Google Maps are extremely useful as they show different routes, shortcuts and alternate ways to reach your desired location in the given time. They will not leave you astray, as Google Maps are reliable and dependable. Reliance on technology like Google Maps has allowed users to avoid reliance on humans or memory that can sometimes mislead.

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Earlier on Google Map a driver could look at different routes while travelling on a car, bike, and bicycle or on foot. Now they will be able to find bus and public transport routes on Google Map and they will be able to calculate the time and distance for the route.

Umar Gondal made quite an effort to ensure that the bus transit routes are made available on Google Map. He collected and submitted data that was needed for it to bring this feature online.

Now Google Maps will inform the users about the arrival and departure times of the buses. People will be able to choose the best bus to travel on and also allow them to plan their ride on ride-hailing transports like Careem and Uber.

Presently this new feature has been added to Multan Metro. With time it will be expanded to other cities and bus services as well.