Metro Bus Fares to Surge as Govt Removes Subsidies

metro bus fares

Punjab government is soon to end the subsidy on the Metro Bus Service, after the order of the Prime Minister—Imran Khan. After the removal of the subsidies, the metro bus fares are expected to increase.

The most recent development came earlier this week when PM Imran Khan disagreed with it while he was chairing a party meeting of the parliament.

Imran Khan said that Rs12billion subsidies on the mega transit project are not fair when the public is devoid of the basic health facilities.

The subsidy removal would reflect on the bus fares which are anticipated to see a surge of Rs10 per ticket.

Since there is no official announcement regarding that when the government would be increasing the fares some believe it would be done after the Financial bill of 2019 is passed later this month, while others predict it to come after Eid.

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This means that nearly 331,000 passengers, who travel by the metro buses in Rawalpindi, Lahore and Multan on a per day basis, would now have to pay more than the present fare of Rs20 so that the burden on the national exchequer is lessened.

The stance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government in principle has always been against providing unnecessary subsidies as they consider it an additional load on the economy.

A same kind of move was announced back in October, 3 months after PTI got into power.

The announcement experienced heavy criticism from masses and the opposition parties, urging the government to delay it for an indefinite period of time.

However, it seems that now we all have to bear with it as the $6billion IMF bailout has been signed and the government has promised to surge the revenue and cut on the expenses for minimizing the budget deficit.

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