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Metro Bus Current Projects In Islamabad, Lahore And Karachi

The current government of Pakistan has worked upon various construction projects while its main focal point has always been on metro bus development especially in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi.


In Islamabad the metro bus runs from Saddar to Pak Secretariat with 24 stations in between. Now the latest metro bus project in Islamabad is to link Islamabad with the new Islamabad International Airport near Fatehjang. This route would be from Peshawar mor to the Islamabad airport in Fatehjand which makes 25.6 km. It is expected that it would be made till August 2017.


In Lahore, the orange line train is still not developed even though talk about its development has been going on since 2014. This train will travel from Ali Town Multan Road to Dera Gujraan on G.T. Road. It is expected that it would finally start operating from 2018. Other than this there is another project of Underground Purple Line Train that is under construction. This train would move underground and its route will be from Bhatti Gate to Alllama Iqbal International airport.

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In Karachi metro bus and its stations are developing. The Green Line would extend from Merewether Tower to Surjani Town and meet the Blue Line at Gurumandir. The orange line construction started in Karachi in 2016, and its route would be from Shaharh-e-Quaideen to Board Office. This line would be called Abdul Sattar Edhi Line.

Image via: Pakistan Today