Meta will now allows users to save posts on threads

Threads, a text-based social media platform, was launched by Instagram back in July. This platform was said to have been launched as a rival for Twitter. With its consistent progress it’s now available in many countries including Europe. As per latest information, the social networking site Threads has begun testing the capability to store postings, according to Instagram Head Adam Mosseri. A screenshot that Meta posted shows that you may save a post on Threads by selecting the Save button after clicking the three dots in the top-right corner of the post. You can access all of your favorite posts by visiting the saved posts area once you’ve bookmarked a post.

Adam says that one of the most desired features has been the option to store posts. This is “a limited test,” he added. Thus, the feature won’t be visible to many people right now. Also, there is no information regarding when this capability will be made more generally accessible. Nevertheless, based on Thread’s past feature rollouts, users can anticipate seeing the option to save posts appear in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, In a recent announcement, Instagram head announced that the platform will no longer suggest political content for its users. Other than the pages users are particularly following. Moreover, Meta has introduced tags, allowed users to deactivate their Threads profile separately from their Instagram profile, and launched Threads across Europe during the past few months. Anticipate Meta to continuously release new features for Threads to match X/Twitter.

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