Meta Oversight Board ask to impose stricter rules for gender-based violence

Gender-based violence has alarmed the Meta Oversight Board, which has requested stronger measures to counteract it. The decision was made after a Facebook post depicting a victim of domestic violence was left for up for two years without being removed by moderators.

Following the uproar over Meta content moderation regulations, the firm established an Oversight Board to oversee the policies. The Oversight Board, according to the firm, is “an independent body that people can appeal to if they disagree with decisions we made about content on Facebook or Instagram.” The team is now pressing the platform to establish tighter anti-gender violence policies.

The Oversight Board claims that Meta’s bullying and harassment policy is deficient. This permits for content containing gender-based violence by “praising, justifying, celebrating, or mocking it.”

Meta’s oversight board is asking the platform to more active against promotion of Gender-based violence

In May 2021, a Facebook user shared a photo of an Arab woman with injuries on her face and body after a physical attack. The description of the post stated that the woman “got what she deserved,” and included additional laughing and happy emoji. Even though the woman’s identity is unknown, her face is apparent in the shot.

The post was reported three times in February 2023, according to the Oversight Board. Specifically, for breaking Meta’s community norm against violence and provocation. The post, however, remained on the platform. Because of a policy that disables unreviewed reported posts after 48 hours. The post was thereafter reported directly to the Oversight Board. It was eventually removed after Meta decided that it violated the policy against bullying and harassment.

According to the Meta Oversight Board, the present guidelines do not apply to posts when the victim is not identified or a fictional figure is depicted, which allows such posts to propagate over the network. Finally, the board is requesting that Meta change the rules to prevent the propagation of posts that normalize gender-based violence. Any celebration of “serious physical injury” should be prohibited as well.