Meta makes end-to-end encryption the default setting in Facebook Messenger


Meta stated that it is adding end-to-end encryption to Facebook Messenger in an official blog post. Interestingly, end-to-end encryption will be set by default on Messenger, providing an additional layer of security for you to enjoy while chatting with your loved ones. Meta provides message editing capabilities to Facebook Messenger in addition to end-to-end encryption.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging apps, despite a significant number of users switching from Facebook to Instagram and other social media networks. Facebook Messenger is now a far safer choice because of end-to-end encryption. Users of Facebook Messenger have had access to this function since 2016, so it’s not brand new. However, it required manual activation.

“Disappearing Messages” functionality is also coming to Facebook Messenger

Everyone will now have end-to-end encryption enabled by default for calls and chats. Meta states, “We’re excited to be able to launch a safer, more secure, and private service after years of investment and testing. We take our responsibility to protect your messages seriously.”

Facebook is also getting some capabilities added to it, like the capacity to send films and photographs of excellent quality. But according to Meta, in the upcoming months, this capability will progressively be made available to more Messenger users when it has been improved for a select group of users. The app will also have the “Disappearing Messages” function, which will cause the message to disappear after 24 hours, and Meta allows users to amend messages within 15 minutes after sending them.

Users who have enabled end-to-end encryption on Facebook Messenger will be able to access the ‘Disappearing Messages‘ feature. Lastly, there will be a toggle added to Messenger to enable reading receipts.

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