Meta Introduces Paid Verification and Experiments with Verified-Only Feed on Instagram

Taking a leaf from the books of platforms like X (previously known as Twitter) and Telegram, Meta is now offering a paid verification service for users on Facebook and Instagram, dubbed Meta Verified. To boost the appeal of this service, Meta is also tinkering with a new feature that would enable users to filter their feeds to view content solely from verified accounts.

Instagram’s Verified-Only Feed Experiment

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, shared insights (via The Verge) about an ongoing test on Instagram where users can toggle a filter to see posts only from verified accounts. This new filter can be accessed from the menu that also houses the options to switch between Following and Favorites feeds. Mosseri envisions this feature as a tool to enhance the visibility of creators and brands on the platform. The underlying idea is to propel more users to opt for the Meta Verified service, thereby fostering a community of recognized and credible accounts.

Meta Verified Service Pricing

In the US, the Meta Verified service comes with a price tag of $11.99 per month, or $14.99 if subscribed through the iOS or Android apps. Subscribers are required to provide a government-issued ID for verification, upon which they receive a blue seal signifying their verified status. However, the details regarding the number of users who have access to the verified-only feed toggle remain undisclosed as the feature is still in the experimental phase and might not see a wider rollout.

Ad-Free Subscription Plan in the Offing

To further augment its revenue streams, Meta is contemplating a subscription model that would offer an ad-free experience on both Instagram and Facebook. This initiative comes in the wake of upcoming EU regulations that mandate explicit user consent for data collection aimed at personalized advertising. The proposed subscription, priced at around $17 per month, would provide a pathway for users to enjoy Meta’s platforms without ads and data collection, albeit without a clear indication if it would be bundled with the Meta Verified service.

Meta’s stride towards paid verification and an ad-free subscription model illustrates a strategic shift to diversify revenue and enhance user engagement through verification. While these features are in varying stages of testing and deployment, they signal Meta’s proactive adaptation to the evolving digital landscape and regulatory frameworks.

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