Meta has begin to block news content in Canada following its threat

Facebook and Meta

Meta as per following its own trend has started to block news on Facebook and Instagram in Canada. This step is taken by company due to Online news Act that demands tech companies based in Canada to pay news publishers for displaying their content.

Google and Meta have been involved in a legal conflict with governments all over the world overpaying news publishers. Google may reach an agreement with the EU publishers, but Meta does not appear to be willing to compromise.

The Online News Act of Canada requires Meta to settle with Canadian publishers. However, in response, Facebook, and Instagram in Canada restricted news information.

“In order to comply with the Online News Act, we have begun the process of ending news availability in Canada,” Meta stated in a statement. “These changes go into effect today and will affect everyone who uses Facebook and Instagram in Canada over the next few weeks.”

Meta has started to block news content in Canada following its own threat

This restriction not only includes content shared over Meta platforms but also includes news links that are being shared by users. This blockage work as if you are living in US and sharing a news link with a friend in Canada, they won’t be able to see it as per blockage.

“News links and content posted by Canadian news publishers and broadcasters will no longer be viewable by people in Canada.” Mets were added.

While Meta claims that banning content in Canada is a “business decision,” Canadian journalists and publishers are outraged. According to the corporation, the government made a mistake by assuming that the platform benefits from sharing news information while publishers benefit from free advertising.

Allowing Canadian readers to view news items and links reduces the publisher’s website prominence dramatically. As a result, ad revenue has plummeted dramatically. Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Canadian Heritage, called Meta’s decision an “irresponsible” message to Canadians and other governments.

It remains to be seen whether Meta can reach an agreement with the Canadian publishers. However, the decision demonstrates Meta’s unwillingness to compromise. Similarly, if California passes the California Journalism Preservation Act, the firm has vowed to remove news information. Meta must pay a fair amount to California-based publishers for exploiting their content, according to the measure.