Meta AI will be widely rolled out to all US users

Back in September, Meta debuted the Meta AI chatbot. As of now, the company is all set to roll out the chatbot to its three platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Reportedly, the virtual assistant will be rolled out widely to US users. you might be wondering how to access it. Well, it is quite simple.

Open a new message on WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram and choose Create an AI chat to communicate with Meta AI. In a group chat, you may also type @MetaAI followed by the command you wish the assistant to assist you with. You can even say “Hey Meta” aloud if you wear the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

According to the company, users are benefitting from Imagine, the AI text-to-image generation feature. It is available on Instagram and Messenger. The tool creates images based on text prompts. For a revision, simply press and hold the generated image and add the new prompt.

Furthermore, Meta AI can also help with discovering Reels. With your Meta AI chat, you may now request to see videos, and you will receive reels that are relevant to your search. In addition to this, users can perform several tasks with the help of Meta AI like editing their Feed posts, writing an intro for Facebook Dating profiles, and creating birthday greetings.

Using AI to convert photographs from landscape to portrait orientation to facilitate sharing on Stories is just one example of how Meta is experimenting with ways to build and share AI-generated images on Facebook more simply. Creators can use the virtual assistant to effectively respond to the community messages. Meta AI will assist creators taking part in the test in crafting pertinent direct message responses.

The company is also using the virtual assistant for other actions like generating search results, improving product descriptions in Shops, community chat topics in groups, and AI-generated suggestions for comments.

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