Meta abandons the Quest Pro and stops working on the follow-up

Back in October 2022, Meta introduced its Quest Pro VR headset. The company unveiled the device during the Meta Connect conference. The headset was available from October 25. It still appears to be a white flag for the company. In accordance with the information provided by The Information, the company is likely giving up its premium VR headset.

According to the report, the company has already notified the suppliers that it won’t require any new components for the Quest Pro. Additionally, Goertek, the company that manufactures Meta’s Quest Pro, has stated that it will only produce units while supplies last.

Well, the plan cancelation is not restricted to the Quest Pro the company is reportedly, closing down the development and manufacturing of second-gen hardware. Earlier in 2023, Meta unveiled that two new headsets were in the works alongside the Quest 3. It is anticipated that one of the two headsets will be an affordable version of the Quest 3. On the other hand, reports indicate that the other device is an advanced version. it has been codenamed La Jolla. Sources assume that La Jolla is a sequel to the Quest Pro.

The company introduced the Quest Pro with a price tag of $1,499. Reportedly, the device was heavy and uncomfortable, and the software was not good. It now appears that the company is focusing on improving the VR devices catalog by introducing an affordable option. The Quest 3 by Meta could include several enhancements like thin lenses, a powerful processor, high resolution, mixed reality features, and other similar qualities in contrast to the Quest 2. There is no information regarding the launch of the Quest 3. However, it is expected to launch in the Fall of 2023.

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