Met Office Forecasts First Rain of Winter Season

first rain of winter season

The Met Office has forecasted the first rain of the winter season in and around the Northern areas of the nation after that there would be snowfall in the mountainous regions.

As per the available details, the Met office said that a new spell of westerly winds would enter the Northern areas of the country on Friday, and rain is expected till next Monday in hilly areas.

It further said that there is a chance of rain and snowfall in Gilgit Baltistan from coming Friday until Monday. Also, light rain is expected in the upper as well as central Punjab.

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Light snowfall is also likely to take place in hilly areas of Balochistan, it added.

On the other hand, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has granted approval to hand over five more rest houses to the tourism authority. This has been done to promote tourism in the country.

Previously, the government has taken the decision of handing over all the 169 rest houses owned by the government in the province to the tourism body in order to offer better accommodation to the local and international tourists.

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