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Met Department Predicts Drizzle in Karachi


PMD (Pakistan Meteorological Department) forecasts drizzle in Karachi for Saturday night and Sunday morning.

According to their prediction, the weather will be humid and cloudy with some chances of drizzle on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The temperature will rise up to 37 degrees Celsius and humidity will be fifty-three percent in Karachi, as per the weather report.

Met Office says that the weather will be mainly hot and humid in most of the areas of the country. But in Upper Punjab, Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and areas attached to them, it is predicted to rain with thunderstorms.

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In the last twenty-four hours, upper Khyber PK, Upper and central Punjab, Islamabad, and Kashmir received rainfall with a thunderstorm. Maximum Rainfall reported at Rawalpindi (Chaklala 34mm, Shamsabad 38mm), Islamabad (Zero Point 37mm, Golra 30mm, and Syedpur 39mm), Murree 17mm, Bhakkar 29mm, and Noorpur Thall 23mm.

Yesterday, the temperature recorded in Mohen Jo Daro and Dadu was 47 degrees Celsius and in Shaheed Banazirabad, Sibi and Jacobabad the temperature recorded was 46 degrees Celsius.

Earlier this month, the weather department forecasted that this monsoon season the southern parts of Sindh including Karachi will experience above-normal rainfall this year.

Also, there is a fear of urban flooding in Karachi during the monsoon spell for which the government of Sindh has already imposed rain emergency in 6 districts of the city.   

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