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Mercedes Benz Trucks in Pakistan Will be Locally Produced

One of the world-renowned German Automaker Daimler AG which owns Mercedes Benz brand has now signed a MoU with the National Logistics Cell (NLC) to ramp up a manufacturing plant in Pakistan in order to produce Mercedes Benz Trucks Local in Pakistan.

So now you will have Mercedes labeled Made in Pakistan,

A statement released by NLC yesterday, the company confirms that Daimler AG is interested in setting up an assembling plant in Pakistan which will assemble Mercedes Benz Trucks and commercial vehicles locally. It is a major shift by the company to prefer Pakistan and set up an assembling plant which will not only benefit Mercedes but also Pakistan.

The reports also confirm that director general, Major General Mushtaq Faisal and CEO Zia Ahmed of NLC Motors has signed a Mou on behalf of the company. On the other side, head of the executive committee, Mercedes-Benz Trucks, Klaus Fischinger, and Dar Ralf Forcher, head of sales attended the MoU ceremony.

According to Major General Faisal, “It a historic moment for Pakistan’s commercial vehicles industry. This collaboration will be able to produce locally assembled Mercedes-Benz Trucks in Pakistan that will revolutionize the logistics industry in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has made a promise to give more incentives to auto industry focusing on Auto Development Policy 2016-21. The Mercedes Benz vehicles would also be sold at competitive prices in the market—he added.

This seems to be a spontaneous move by the German automaker, it could be proved as the right decision at the right time. The CPEC is building up and the Daimler making the investment which could harvest from the project covering the huge transportation and logistics market between China and Pakistan.

Pakistan’s infrastructure and construction sectors have seen a tremendous growth in the past few years which gives a boost to logistics industry as well as increased demand for commercial vehicles—said Dr. Ralf Forcher.

There is no doubt that demand for commercial vehicles in Pakistan would keep increasing with the development of CPEC projects, the CPEC route will connect Pakistan’s seaports to its northern areas and eventually China, so the role of commercial vehicles in all this is ever increasing.