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Mercedes-Benz is producing classic car parts with the help of 3D printing

3D printing

Some portion of the Daimler Group, the German automotive corporation, Mercedes-Benz has 3D printed spare parts for classic Mercedes-Benz models as a team with the Daimler Research Group. One of the advantages of 3D printing is that it permits producing straightforwardly from CAD models without the requirement for the task particular toolset.

What does 3D printing mean for the Mercedes Benz classic cars?

This has made restarting old apparatus conceivable by 3D printing spare parts. Two areas have profited from this are the agriculture and marine industry. The U.S Air Force has likewise utilized 3D printing effectively for this reason.

In the vehicle area, Porsche, German games vehicle creator, has utilized 3D printing for extra parts for classic autos. In addition, Daimler itself has broad 3D printing background and recently worked with Mercedes on part customization utilizing 3D printing.

In the most recent endeavor named “Future meets classic” Daimler and Mercedes-Benz will make 3D printed parts for 300 SL Coupé, SL Roadster, two Executive (E), two extravagance class models.

Utilizing old 3D structures where accessible or by making new ones from old 2D illustrations, Daimler Group has fabricated the old parts with powder bed strategy in metal and plastic.

One of the 3D printed parts accessible at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is within mirror base for the 1950s games vehicle the 300 SL Coupé, one of the fastest autos of its time. Like the first, the 3D printed reflect base is produced using aluminum plated with chromium metal.

However, the structure of the mirror is upgraded by current street security measures. The base is currently 107.5 mm, 42.5 millimeters longer than the first and joined somewhat higher than before to give a superior perspective of the rear.

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Image via Mercedes Benz