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Mera Bacha Alert App, in Making to Trace Missing Children

Mera Bacha Alert

Taking strict notice of the surging number of incidents with children in the country, PM Khan on Tuesday instructed to make an app— “Mera Bacha Alert” for immediately addressing the complaints regarding missing children.

The decision was taken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan in the federal cabinet meeting, after he was briefed about the latest incidents.

The objective behind the application is to assist in tracing the cases of child kidnapping and missing as the data once entered in the application would directly be transferred to the police.

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The application would be available in 2 weeks’ time and would be linked with the Pakistan Citizens Portal.

PM Khan said that the present government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf would take every possible measure for safeguarding the innocent children. He said that the ones found involved in such crimes would be given an exemplary punishment.

It is important to mention that recently 5 cases of child-killing were reported in Chunian, as per the information provided by the local police.

Earlier, the police were told about the dead body of a child in a ditch. Later, the police recovered the remains of 2 more children from the sand dunes.

Locals of Chunian suspected a gang behind the killing of young boys after raping them.

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