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Men to Have Mard March in Response to Aurat March

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On the Women’s International Day women of all the major cities came forward to carry out the Aurat March on the 8th of March 2019.

But the men have now decided to carry out a Mard March in response to the slogans raised by the women against men at the Aurat March. The Mard March would also be held at the Frere Hall that is the same location as was of the Aurat March, on the 24th of March.

Many posters for Mard March are being shared and being uploaded on social media.

People are of mixed opinions regarding this reaction by men. Some people think this would further divide men and women in the society while others are in complete support of the march for highlighting the problems and issues faced by men.

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The objective of Aurat March is to raise the awareness about women problems and to give a halt to the patriarchy in the country.

Women held placards and posters that had many feminist slogans. These slogans were about the domestic abuse, discriminatory attitude towards women and consent.

These slogans when went viral on social media brought in mixed reactions.

Some people supported these slogans which were raised at the Aurat March while others declared them as unnecessary.

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