Meizu backed by Alibaba all set to enter Pakistani smartphone market

Have you heard the name lately? Ringing bells in your ears? If not then must be in the ears of competitors like Q-mobile, Vivo and some others. The threatening aspect of the brand Meizu is that its backed by e-commerce giant Alibaba. Alibaba actually started its smartphone business back in 2007, keep going slowly the e-commerce giant has made it able to enter the other markets after China. During the last two years, Meizu is growing fast, the brand generated sales revenue of 3 billion in 2016.

After the success in China and other African markets, Meizu is now spreading its wings which could take it to the new heights. The company has decided to jump into Pakistani market and grow its market share. The founder J.Wong is pretty positive about launching its products in the market with the support of his creative team.

Meizu initially launched MP3 players in the market which got success at that time but the changing technology demanded vertical integrations to the product portfolio, this created the need for launching smartphones with their first model M8 which was the first touchscreen phone in China of its time.

M9 later came with retina display, the other models MX came with the dual-core processor and MX2 and MX3 brought thin bezels. Meizu kept on introducing new features in their phones according to the market trends and launched MX4 Pro with a front fingerprint sensor. Meizu is committed to focus on manufacturing, design, quality as well as innovation.

In Pakistani market, Meizu is launching M6, M6 note, Pro 7 and Pro7 plus with dual screen. It would be interesting to see how Meizu will compete in already saturated Pakistani market where top brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi are already performing really well along with Q-mobile and new entrant Vivo.

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