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Meesha’s Counsel Declines Defamation Notice Sent by Ali Zafar

Meesha Shafi’s legal counsel has declined all the allegations made by Ali Zafar in a defamation notice that his legal team had sent earlier to Meesha Shafi.

While conversing with local media, Meesha Shafi’s legal representative—Ahmed Pansota said that the counsel is speaking not much about the matter, however, everything they wish to say is provided in the legal notice.

He informed that unconditionally we deny all the accusations, assertions and/or suggestions made in Ali Zafar’s notice, sent to Meesha’s counsel earlier against her, all of them are lawfully and factually not right.

While responding to the notice, which is presently circulating on the social media, Meesha Shafi’s legal team which comprises of Hina Jillani, Nighat Dad, Saqib Jillani and Pansota further mentioned that Ali Zafar is advised to take back his unlawful and false notice and to issue an apology on an immediate basis for the wrongs he has done against women.

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The reply is with accordance to the legal notice sent by Zafar’s counsel asking Meesha Shafi to erase the tweet in which she has claimed that the Kill Dill actor has sexually harassed her and asked her to apologise on the same social media platform, or else she should pay rupees one billion fine for defamation.

Shafi’s team wrote that the response of Ali Zafar belittles and undermines the #MeToo campaign, which has encouraged hundreds of women across the world to come forward and to speak their horrifying experiences of sexual harassment and have indicated their abusers for some form of accountability.

The notice further added that Meesha Shafi has been a victim of sexual harassment of a physical nature at the hands of Ali Zafar on multiple occasions, including the workplace where they both were professionally involved.

The document further mentions that Shafi was extremely distressed and that affected her professional work.

The notice further reveals that Shafi reported the incidents to the organizers of the event too where she was engaged with Zafar and has been trying to avoid him ever since the repeated incidents of sexual harassment. It further mentioned that for the sake of her self-respect and dignity and also of the other women in this industry, Shafi decided to come forward and write about her sexual harassment experiences on social media on the 19th of April 2018, which all are correct and not in any way constitute defamation.

Dad informed that we have all the requirements to achieve as per the directions law gives.

She further added that there had been no history of such cases in Pakistan and hence this particular case would determine the outcome.

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