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Meesha Shafi Responds to Ali Zafar’s Rs 100 Crore Legal Notice

Ali Zafar—the musician cum actor, his legal counsel sent Meesha Shafi—a renown singer a rupees hundred crore defamation notice for the sexual harassment accusations, that Meesha has made against him on Twitter last week.

In a statement on Twitter on the 19th of April—Thursday, Meeha tweeted accusing Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her on multiple occasions. She mentioned that she had been sexually harassed on more than one occasion at the hands of her colleague from the industry—Ali Zafar. She further mentioned that it had been a depressing experience for her and her family. She added that she felt disappointed by Ali’s conduct with her and that she is not alone in this suffering.

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Ali Zafar denied all these allegations in a statement made on the very same day. On Monday, he even sent Meesha a legal notice asking her to either delete the tweet that puts sexual harassment allegations against the singer cum actor and release an apology for defaming Ali or else pay a number of rupees hundred million under the ordinance of defamation.

Barrister Muhammad Ahmad Panosta—Meesha’s lawyer while conversing with a local newspaper confirmed that they do have received a legal notice from Ali Zafar and that they are presently examining its contents. He added that Meesha’s statements against Ali are based on truth, hence the legal notice has been dispelled.

He also took it to Twitter and wrote that all the accusations made against the male singer regarding sexual harassment are true, so the issue of defamation did not rise in any way.

Following Meesha’s tweet against Ali, the entertainment industry of Pakistan has apparently divided in two some in support of Meesha while others on the side of Ali Zafar.

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