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Meera’s Husband Wants to Get her Sentenced for Polyandry

Pakistan’s most beloved Meera Jee is again in news these days ever since the declaration of the Family court on Monday. As per the declaration, the actress has been ruled as Mrs Attiqur Rehman.

Attiqur Rehman on Wednesday shared his views on the matter while conversing with a national television channel, he said that Meera was married both to him and Captain Naveed at the same time—which indeed is a crime and is punishable by law.

He added that he has got the Nikahnama (marriage contract) of Meera and Captain Naveed. He further said that his objective is to get the actress sentenced for polyandry.

Rehman was furious when he said that Meera has got neither moral values nor she knows how to do conversation in English. He added that she does not even know how to boil an egg, and she did not provide him with food.

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He said that they had been fighting for the past two years that were married. As per him, the famous and well-known actress demanded him to divorce his first wife.

According to the Section 494 of the Pakistan Penal Code, whoever, has got a husband or wife living, remarries, then in such case in which such marriage is nullified by reason of its occurrence during the lifetime of such husband or wife, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which could be extended up to seven years along with heavy additional fine.

Babar Nadeem— the Family court judge dismissed Meera’s petition regarding her nikah to Attiqur Rehman being fake and announced the decision for the marriage suit that had been filed nine years back by Meera.

The judge ruled that the nikahnama is not fake and that a nikah did take place between Meera and Attiqur Rehman also confirmed by the nikah khawan.

Up till now, no response has been provided by Meera jee on the matter and her husband’s allegations.

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