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Meera is Safely Back from New York


Meera Jee is safely back in Pakistan. She had been stuck in New York but now she has made her way back home.

The actor shared the news about her return on her Instagram handle with a video from the airport.

She said in her uploaded video that she is happy that she is returning back to her homeland, which as per her is a special shout-out to the embassy of Pakistan and the Pakistani consulate, both in New York and Washington DC.

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She further added that there is a lot of propaganda against the government, she requested all to stop that.

Meera jee further said that these people go out of their way to assist and they went out of their way to help the Pakistanis which includes her and that she has witnessed that.

It is indeed good to see that these stranded Pakistanis are coming back to their home country. The Baji actor will now be completing her 15 days in the quarantine before she heads back to her own home to continue on with self-isolation.

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