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Meera asks PM Khan to Assist Her to Return to Pakistan


Meera has asked PM Khan to help her in getting back to Pakistan. Like many other celebrities, she was also on her trip to the United States when the coronavirus pandemic broke out. Currently, the starlet is s stuck in New York where the coronavirus situation is pretty bad.

In a video, Meera was seen asking Prime Minister Imran Khan to help her with her return.

She was seen saying in the video that New York is becoming a graveyard and that on a per-day basis thousands of people are losing their lives due to coronavirus.

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She further said in her video that she does not want to die in a foreign land.

As per the Baaji star, PM Khan has always assisted the artists community.

She said that all the nations are asking their citizens to come back. She requested Prime Minister to make all the needed arrangements for her return to Pakistan.

Earlier, the Islamabad DC had mentioned that after those stranded citizens in Thailand were brought back to the country, nearly 30,000 more passengers are expected to be brought back from various nations and that the ones who were brought government paid for them.

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