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Medicines Shortage from Market Annoyed Patients


After the surge in medicine prices throughout the world, the drug makers have made an artificial crisis of medicines in the market for further ruining the situation, as per the local media.

It is learnt that thirty-five life-saving drugs have been made short from the market throughout the nation. One of the medicines that are short is an anti-rabies drug.

Other than this, other important medicines for hypertension, paralysis, allergy, depression, cardiac disease, chest congestion, and injection are also experiencing a shortage in medical stores.

As per media reports, the import of anti-rabies drugs has also stopped owing to the latest tension between Pakistan and India. The National Institute of Health is fighting hard to cope with the nationwide demand for medicines owing to the deficiency created by the manufacturers and dealers in the market.

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On the other side, the pharmaceutical firms yesterday had made the announcement to reduce the prices of 395 medicines throughout the country. Zahid Saeed—the Chairman of Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) informed this while he was talking to media.

He said that they have announced to sell the medicines on older rates after the pressure was put from the government. He added that the prices of 464 life-saving drugs would remain unchanged.

He said that he is fully aware that the country is having economic issues for the last one and a half years.

On the 16th of April, the Sindh High Court (SHC) refused to grant interim relief looked for by the drug manufacturing firms’ overs the raids done by the drug inspectors in the mid of the issue of the medicines price hike.

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