Meat & Milk Sold in Islamabad Markets is Injected with Steroids – Research Snipers

Meat & Milk Sold in Islamabad Markets is Injected with Steroids

A recommendation has been made by the parliamentary panel to develop a specialized center for distributing milk and meat in Islamabad. This is to ensure the quality of meat and milk is kept up to the mark.

Senator Sajjad Hussain Turi who chaired Senate Standing Committee on Health said that a central poultry farm and public abattoir should be constructed in Islamabad so that only healthy certified meat is supplied in the market.

Currently, there is just one public slaughterhouse in Sihala. The residents of Islamabad have demanded for quite some time now to develop another slaughterhouse in the Capital.

Farm hands inject animals with steroids to gain more profit by risking the lives of people informed Senator Turi.

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He said that all food departments in Islamabad should take action against those organizations selling unhealthy food to the public. They should be jailed to control the spread of injected food in Islamabad.

Dr. Muhammad Tahir District Health Officer told the committee that below standard milk is coming to Islamabad from Rawat and Tarnol.

70,000 liters of milk has been tested by the administration and 50% of it was filled with chemicals. 208 retailers who sold this milk were issued notice and 1317 were given awareness lectures.

Posh markets in the capital like Kohsar market is also selling low standard meat. The meat is contaminated using steroids and chemicals that are extremely dangerous for the health of the people.

Senator Nauman Wazir made a suggestion to give the contract to a private firm to provide safe milk to the markets of Islamabad.

Turi said that in the next meeting further suggestions and discussion will be done on this topic and a final decision will be made.