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MDCAT 2020 Scheduled for Nov 29

MDCAT 2020

MDCAT 2020 is scheduled for the 29th of November. The Medical and Dental College Admission Test for this year would be conducted on the aforementioned date as per the announcement made by the Pakistan Medical Council.

As per the shared details, the Council said that complying with the instructions of the Sindh High Court the National MDCAT 2020 would be conducted on the 29th of November 2020.

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The news has come a week after the SHC had halted the PMC from taking the MDCAT 2020 that was planned to be taken on the 15th of this month.

The provincial high court had stopped the exam until the formation of academic authority and board.

The order of the court highlighted that since the National Medical and Dental Academic Board is not formed under the Act 2020 of the Pakistan Medical Commission, hence the MDCAT cannot be taken.

It was further added in the verdict that the board would have the authority to form the examination structure and standards for the MDCAT for council’s approval.

PMC introduced the MDCAT for bringing in uniformity into the medical profession.

Dr. Faisal Sultan-the PM’s aide on health said that the MDCAT is being taken to make sure that the aspiring doctors and dentists who join the health sector have basic minimum academic achievement at their points of entry.

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