MDA Online Portal for Housing Scheme is giving your Private Information to Strangers

Malir Development Authority (MDA) set up an online portal for the people to apply for the affordable housing scheme in the Taiser Town in Karachi. But the application portal was most probably not checked for glitches. It is giving out the private information of people to strangers.

MDA announced the housing scheme and revealed that applicants can fill the application form online instead of going to different branches of Silk Bank to get the form. But there are a lot of issues in the portal. People are unable to print the applications.

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Also when the applicants are asked to submit the application and print it, they don’t have the users name on it. It has the name and personal info of some other applicant.

A Twitter user said, “All those filling out online form for taiser town, I can view your private details. The portal is not secure. Copy paste this link and every time you refresh your browser u will see complete details of different people … #taisertown #malirdevelopmentauthority

It seems that strangers can have access to your personal information without your knowledge. As of now it is not known how many applications have been submitted online but a Silk Bank officer said that MDA estimated that around 400,000 applicants will apply online and around 400,000 will apply via Silk Bank branches.

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