McDonalds’ UK staff staged first ever protest concerning Pay and Work – Research Snipers

McDonalds’ UK staff staged first ever protest concerning Pay and Work

Yesterday, McDonald’s UK staff gathered to organized a protest in Britain against the fast-food giants’ management concerning working conditions and pay.

Around 40 McDonald’s workers congregated outside two restaurants, Crayford southeast London and in Cambridge before the protest outside parliament.

The employees are demanding 10 pounds an hour wage, union recognition and end of Zero-hours contracts which is a growing practice in the UK, especially food and accommodation industry.

Zero-hours contracts required employees to be available for work as and when required and there is no guarantee of minimum hours from the employers.

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Ian Hodson, President of Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union said in Cambridge, “Workers in the fast-food industry face poor working conditions, drastic work hours cut and even bullying at the workplace—punishment for joining a union.”

The opposition leader from Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn said, “The demands are just and should be met”. McDonald’s, on the other hand, said, “Those who are out there on strike are the only handful and 86 percent of the employees wanted for flexible contracts. McDonald’s UK and its franchises have already given 3 pay rises to its employees since 2016, which increased the average pay rate by 15%, it said in a statement—AFP.