McDonalds, Savor Foods, Marriott, Serena- Top Pakistan Restaurants Serving Unhygienic Meat – Research Snipers

McDonalds, Savor Foods, Marriott, Serena- Top Pakistan Restaurants Serving Unhygienic Meat

It’s easy to put blame on small unknown food brands for using contaminated and unhygienic chicken. While it is true but what about internationally known brands selling unhygienic meat?

Yes, the shocking news is that the biggest, most popular food brands of Pakistan Marriot, Serena, Savor Foods, McDonald’s, Al-Habibi and similar restaurants are selling unhygienic chicken.

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Senate Standing Committee on Health held a meeting in Pakistan and revealed this awful news. The inhuman crime committed by the most reputable brands is disgusting. What’s more is that to serve hygienic food to the customers is not a priority of these brands. In order to get more vendors, or make more out of less, they seem to care less for the health of the people.

District Health Officer Dr. Muhammad Tahir informed Senate Standing Committee’s Chairman Sajjad Hussain that the top restaurants of Pakistan are serving dead or contaminated chicken to its customers.

He revealed that his team found unhygienic meat in the storage of these restaurants, kept there for months,  but he couldn’t take any action because these brands have political personalities backing.

Moreover, the owners of these brands and the workers inject oxytocin in cows and chicken to raise meat output. This whole procedure makes the chicken dangerous for the human being. It can cause lung, heart and kidney disease.

Not just this, they are also using chemicals to raise milk production in buffaloes.  Consumers consume the milk and get infected with diseases.

The solution put forward by Dr. Tahir is to increase prices of oxytocin so that it is not easily purchasable. Awareness should be given to people and more legislation should be done on this ever-increasing issue.