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McDonald’s Introduces Anday Wala Burger

Anday Wala Burger

McDonald’s has launched Anday Wala Burger in Pakistan.

Some weeks back Ali Gul Pir was seen uploading videos of himself in which he was seen in search of Anday Wala burger in many famous international burger chains of Pakistan. It was obvious from his videos that he was working with some famous brand for bringing in the desi item on the modern menu list.

It all became clear when McDonald’s shared Ali Gul Pir’s video that it would definitely be launching the iconic Anday Wala burger in Pakistan.

McDonald’s has officially announced now that it has launched the Anday Wala burger across Pakistan, however, the big brand is calling it bun kebab instead of Anday Wala burger which technically means the same.

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The burger is launched now and could be tried out in any branch of McDonalds in Pakistan. The meal comprises of burger and free of cost sprite.

The burger is served in a newspaper which again is different from the usual packing of McDonalds burgers.

The kebab is made of chicken and the burger is fully loaded with the mint chutney. A dip of mint chutney is also served with the burger just like the way it is sold in any street by any local vendor.

This is not the first time that McDonald’s has tried to play and experiment with the desi flavours. Earlier the burger hub launched chicken chapli kebab burger which was again a success and became a permanent item on the menu.

Pakistanis and Anday Wala Burger have got some connection. I mean this particular burger has taken so much of our lives that many of our jokes, memes, and much more includes this burger.

It is a definte possibibility that this burger would be an instant hit among the general public.

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