McDonald’s has launched MacCoin to celebrate 50 years of Big Mac


McDonald’s has launched MacCoin in celebrating 50 years of big mac, sounds interesting right! The MacCoin is not a cryptocurrency or any other currency you can buy dollars or commodities from, it is only redeemable at McDonald’s exchange.

This means you can take the coin to any McDonald’s outlet and buy one big mac from it. McDonald’s Canada has announced that they have launched 5000 MacCoins from the August 2 till August 8.

But it is not confirmed that How many coins have been circulated by other McDonald’s global outlets that operate in different countries. Apparently, 5000 Coins are not enough for even one country, so McDonald’s might have introduced 5000 Coins for each country.

If you are the lucky one to get one coin attacked underneath your Mac box do let us know by commenting below, let’s dig out how many lucky winners we can find in every country.