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MCB won the award for Pakistan’s best investment bank

In recently held Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2017, MCB was recognized as the Pakistan’s best investment bank, MCB is one of the Pakistan’s largest and innovative banks which pioneers at providing best investment services to its clients.

The award was given to MCB Bank Ltd, for its efficiency and focus on handling the most important deals with the highly professional team. The award also recognized the bank’s ability to handle approx. Rs200 billion worth transactions during the period under review.

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President MCB Bank Ltd. Imran Maqbool, while addressing the ceremony said, “MCB had always gone extra mile on advising the clients on complex transactions and providing innovative solutions, across our diverse range of products and services that are best for their needs, this award witnesses the bank’s capabilities of managing debt, equity, Mergers & Acquisitions, corporate advisory and further re-investments efficiently and reliably. MCB is committed to offering the best innovative financial solutions with thought leadership and world-class service.

Not only MCB, Meezan Bank was also recognized as the best Islamic Bank of the year in Pakistan for 2017. Meezan Bank is also focusing more on its IT infrastructure, the bank has started collaborating with VMware to expand its IT infrastructure in Pakistan in order to bring in more speedy operations and facilitate the customers on the go with mobile apps and services.

However, Meezan bank was recognized by the Financial Times London which is another credible source of recognition for the bank in Pakistan.