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MCB and Summit Banks Deny Data Breach Reports

Earlier we told our readers about the data breach in leading banks of Pakistan by hackers. Now MCB bank and Summit bank have categorically denied any data breach in their respective systems.

MCB bank issued a statement saying, “In wake of a recent incident of cyber crime related to fraudulent bank transactions due to a data breach, MCB Bank would like to assure its valued customers that the customers’ data is completely safe. Not a single customer has been affected in the incident/ report publicized in media.”

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Summit Bank also issued a statement stating, “Summit Bank assures its esteemed customers that the bank holds all the customer accounts in complete safety and security. We are operating normally and securely without facing any cyber threats and there has been no online or card data breach.”

Both banks also stated that they are highly alert and are monitoring the internet banking services. They also said that strict measures have been taken to ensure that the data of the customers and their valuables remain safe.

The current data breach started when BankIslami was hit by a cyber attack and it lost around $6 million. International card schemes were used by the hackers to loot the bank’s money through ATMs and POS in various countries.